Sunrise of Java

Rugi rasanya jika melewatkan keindahan matahari terbit yang pertama terlihat dari pulau Jawa yaitu di Banyuwangi. Pagi itu, kami berencana … More

Hey dwarfs!

February is such a quiet month cause I haven’t post anything since. And oh, please don’t be bored that I … More

Jaddih the Greenland

As I said earlier about the general white limestone, Jaddih Limestone Mountain is one of them. The area is way … More

Arosbaya Quarry Limestone

One of the hidden attractions in East Java. Here patterned shades of reddish limestone, a bit different compared to the … More

Hello 2016

Dear future me, Gratitude. Compassion. Kindness. Helpful. Understanding. Expect less. Earn more. Work smarter. Choose wisely. Contribute more. New circle. … More