Jaddih the Greenland

As I said earlier about the general white limestone, Jaddih Limestone Mountain is one of them. The area is way bigger than Arosbaya but it’s located in the same town, Bangkalan, precisely in Jaddih village – Socah subdistrict. Jaddih become more popular because the access itself nearer from Suramadu Bridge (a bridge that connecting between Java island and Madura island) which means easier to reach.

These quarry limestone has existed since decades and when I was in the top of mountain I found many hollow rocks that seems like coral former which covered by green grass, it makes me wondering that was an ocean thousand years ago. As I learned that limestone is sedimentary rock composed of mineral calcite (calcium carbonate) and the main source of calcite are marine organism, so it was probably an ocean in another century. Well, interesting..


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